Adjustable Blue Singing Bowl Carrying Case (All Sizes)

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Adjustable Blue Singing Bowl Carrying Case

When And How Will This Ship?:  This product ships with FedEx, usually the day after ordering, and arrives within 5-7 days in the US.

Product Description:

Each case is adjustable, coming with removable padding. So for example, a 5" bowl can fit well in the 5"-8" size case, with all the padding in. If you remove the padding, then a 8" bowl fits well inside. The case is a soft case, made with about 1 inch of foam surrounding. If you would like to nest singing bowls in any of these cases, we suggest looking at the Crystal Vibes Charcoal Nesting Sleeves you can find on our crystal bowl case pages.

Small Blue Singing Bowl Carrying Case 5-8"

Case Measurements:

Outside: 11" x 9"

Inside, without inserts: 10.75" x 7"

Inside, with 2 inserts: 8.75" x 7"


Medium Blue Singing Bowl Carrying Case 9-12"

Case Measurements:

Outside: 15" x 11"

Inside, without inserts: 14.5" x 10"

Inside, with 2 inserts: 10.5" x 10"


Large Blue Singing Bowl Carrying Case 13-16"

Case Measurements:

Outside: 19" x 14.5"

Inside, without inserts: 17" x 12"

Inside, with 1 insert: 16.5" x 12"

Inside, with 2 inserts: 13.5" x 12"


Xtra Large Blue Crystal Vibes Singing Bowl Padded Case 17-20".

Case Measurements:

Outside: 23" x 16"

Inside, without inserts: 22" x 15"

Inside, with 1 insert: 20.5" x 15"

Inside, with 2 inserts: 17.5" x 15"