About Harmonic Crystal Singing Bowl Sets

The Beauty Of Harmonic Crystal Bowls Sets

To assist us in entering states of deep relaxation, inner wellness, & embracing the Unified Field

harmonic-chord-set.jpgOur Harmonic Chord sets are natural harmonic sets based in the fundamental algorithms and harmonics of nature. Students of Sacred Geometries and music may understand that our musical system is based in the foundation tones, principals, and harmonic proportions that arise in nature. Our ancestors, including Pythagoras, Plato, as well as those of earlier ‘wisdom’ cultures, understood the sacred proportions and ‘relationships’ of nature that arise at all levels of manifest creation, and interpreting them into the notes we use in our musical scales.

Our Harmonic Chord sets are derived from these fundamental principles and chordal structures that are the foundation of most musical systems of the world, and used throughout history by all great musicians of the world. Our own physiological structure from molecular to cellular to our entire anatomy obeys these same principals of harmonic relationship.

When one plays in Harmonic chords, one is hearing the essence of nature resonating in the building blocks of manifest creation. It moves us spiral.jpgneurologically, as shown by centuries of use by musicians, and now proven by modern science to relax and enhance balanced states of our physiology, which can contribute to our inherent healing process. Even our DNA obeys these principals of ‘harmonic proportions,’ wrapping in the same spiral sequence as the nautilus shell, the cochlea of the inner ear, the fetus unfolding, the harmonic proportions of flower petals, the scaling of leaves, the unfolding of our galaxy.

Our cells, our spirit and soul, ‘hear’ this music as the sweet calling of nature, to resonate in the fundamental essence of creation. We bathe in the sounds which are seen in the fundamental kaleidoscope of sight and sound surrounding us in the natural world, allowing our inner world to ‘entrain’ and harmonize to the fundamental undulations of the natural world of creation, helping us to step into and realize our essential nature within.

The ancients understood this and expressed the mysteries of the fabric of creation through the sacred geometries present in our art, especially that of the mystical cultures, such as the Kalachakra of Tibet, the Sri Yantra of India, and the Medicine Wheels of N. America, but also in the temple structures at Giza, Teotihuacan, Angor Wat, to name but a few, as well as the great cathedrals of Europe, built upon these same harmonic resonances. This is why it ‘feels’ so good to enter these temples. And why sound permeates and expresses through them in such rich tones and overtones.


cell.jpgModern science is confirming these principles more and more such as through the studies of Cymatics, the science of how wave form impacts matter. The images arising first from the work of Dr. Jans Jenne, then John Reid and Erik Larsen (to left), Alexander Lauterwasser, and others, are showing us the harmonic relationships and sacred geometries inherent in the sounds we produce, as well as their relationship to the building blocks of manifest creation.

The work of Dr Masaru Emoto also has shown us how coherent thoughts, intentions and prayers, as well as harmonic music effects water in powerful ways, which appear through frozen ice crystals in beautiful symmetries related to the same sacred geometries. Conversely, dissonant sounds and incoherent thoughts or emotions promote assymetrical behaviors in water. This, plus the work of others such as the Heart Math Institute in California prove the quality of coherent intentional and harmonic sounds increase our wellness in measurable ways. (Let us remember we are 65-85% water in most of our tissues and organs, thus suggesting a similar relationship to our own wellness.)

Through this growing body of information, along with the wisdom of our most ancient cultures, we know that coherent and harmonious sounds generate an innate sense of peace, stillness, and allow us to enter deeper states of relaxation and inner awareness through our meditative techniques.

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