432hz Tuned Key of C Theta Binaural Himalayan Bowl Set #113

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432hz Tuned Key of C Theta Binaural Himalayan Bowl Set #113

Sizes: ~10"

When And How Will These Ship?: These will ship with FedEx, typically the day after ordering and arrive within 2-5 business days.

What Will I Receive?: 2 Suede Wrapped Mallet, 2 Soft Wool Gonger, 2 Metal Singing Bowls, 2 Cushions For The Bowls

Product Description:
These are two metal bowls, one is a perfect pitch 432hz tuned 3rd octave C at 128hz. The other is a 2nd octave B at 123hz. The two make a 5 hz Theta binaural. 

About Binaurals/Monaurals:

The use of the binaural beat stimulation is well founded through decades of scientific research, to stimulate learning, relaxation, sleep, or meditative states through altering brain wave states. The binaural beat, which is an oscillation that occurs when two close hz values are played together, are not only possible with crystal singing bowls, but are a highly potent tool for altering your mindset and adding depth to your sound practice. You can hear the binaural beat oscillation in the sound file at the top of the page.

Depending on how close together the hz values of the two bowls are together, you will get a binaural oscillation that corresponds to different brain wave patterns: 1-4hz Delta, 4-8hz Theta, 8-25hz Alpha, 25hz-140hz Gamma. For example, if one bowl plays at 261hz, and the other bowl plays at 255hz, then there is a difference of 6hz. The brain then entrains to the 6hz oscillation, corresponding to Theta brain waves.

Our meditative experience with binaural stimulation and crystal bowls, is that the binaural oscillation is not only heard, but as well felt in the body. If relaxed into, the mind is not able to hold onto thinking patterns easily, and the binaural stimulation becomes a gateway into exploring spacious consciousness.

About Theta stimulation:

Theta brain wave stimulation are frequencies between 3-7hz. Theta Waves are associated with the deepest form of relaxation. The Theta state is when the brain slows almost to point of sleep while one is still fully conscious. Theta aids in heightened receptivity, provides one with flashes of dreamlike imagery, and can even bring long forgotten memories to the forefront of your mind. The Theta state is said to be the deepest possible stage of meditation. Some have even mentioned a sense of floating while in Theta state. We exclusively use the Theta binaurals in our meditations, and have had profound experiences while using them.

When the bowls are tapped, they play with a nice balance between the fundamental and overtones, creating a pretty coherent note structure. The bowls also are able to be sung around the rim with the suede mallet.

Tuning Information: We 100% trust our curator tunes each of these bowls confirming they play perfect pitch 432hz. We confirm the tuning of these bowls when they arrive to us as well. Metal bowls play such a wide variety of notes, that different tuning apps will register the bowls differently.  If you were to tune these with a tuning app on your phone, you may get something slightly different, just because of the multi-tonal variations in the bowls themselves.