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38 Sound Creation Gong No. 3B EARTH

38 Sound Creation Gong No. 3B EARTH

$168.00 (Shipping For Continental US)
38 Sound Creation Gong No. 3B EARTH
This gong is out of stock.
Size: 38"
When And How Will This Product Ship?: This product will either ship with FedEx or UPS, typically the next day after ordering and arrive within 3-7 days.
What Will I Receive?: 1 38 Sound Creation Gong No. 3B EARTH
Product Description: The Paiste Sound Creation Earth Gongs, when struck have an amazing depth to their tone. There is a low rumbling that meanders and sustains, alongside higher harmonics that as well journey. As the gong is struck more, the crash comes out in a shimmering spectacle. Each sound creation gong is made to be emotionally influencing, which rich very low notes and diverse highs and crescendos. The sound creation gongs differ from one another in various ways allowing each gong to have its own specific personality and form of expression. Charismatic and full in sound, these gongs are a great option for those looking to emotionally connect with their playing.