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Plain Tibetan Tingsha

3 Inch Plain Tibetan Tingsha

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Plain Tibetan Tingsha

Size: 3"

When And How Will Thing Tingsha Ship?: This tingsha will typically ship by the next day after order, with FedEx ground, and arrive 3-7 days after shipment.

Product Description: The sound of a Tibetan Tingsha is piercing. It is neither completely harmonic, nor especially dissonant. It is more so penetrating. The sound stops thoughts like a Zen Koan. These are traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhists to mark the beginning and end of meditation. They are also used by a Buddhist master to bring a student back into focus when his mind wanders during meditation. Using a tingsha is best done while sitting quietly, focusing one's attention, and allowing the bell to permeate one's field of awareness, and space around and within.  Follow the sound of the bell to quieten the mind, grow more relaxed, centered, and spacious in one's field and felt senses.  One can use the bell to assist a client in similar ways in a therapeutic practice, of opening or closing a group meditation, or bringing attention to an aspect of a meditative practice during a group meditation or sound event.

You can hold the Tingsha by the string and let the chimes move back and forth. However we suggest using two hands, and holding the string just at the back of the chime, and purposefully striking the two chimes together for the most controlled effect.

We prefer this 3" size over any other size for a tingsha, appreciating the strength of the note that comes with this larger size over a 2" or 2.5" chime.
Size: 3