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$17.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

16 Inch Chau Gong


This gong is out of stock.

Size: ~16”

When And How Will It Ship: This gong typically will ship out next day with either FedEx or UPS, and arrive within 5-7 business days.

What You’ll Receive: One 16” Chau Gong with classic white cloth striker, and an option of metal stand as pictured.

Product Description:

At this size the chau gong is a high-toned instrument. At the size between 12 inches and 16 inches, you will have a less crash, and potential for various sounds. A gong like this is really good to start or stop a meditation. If you would want a gong for its vibration, we would suggest starting at at least a 18 inch gong.

Tips For How To Choose A Gong: To choose a gong, consider the following characteristics, weight and quality of sound.

Weight: are you going to be needing to carry this gong, or transport the gong? Gongs that are under 26 inches are generally easier to hold in your hand, and play while holding it. You can then walk around a room holding and playing a gong. In a sound bath for instance, you can play gongs near people, and let them feel the vibration. Gongs over 24 inches are harder to do this with, as they are fairly heavy.

Quality of Sound: the most important quality of a gong is whether or not you like the sound. Listen to the sound files and explore how the gong moves you. Your relationship with the sound will be the most important factor in your working with it. It does not need to be the most expensive gong for you to connect with it’s vibration, and use it to go into coherent states of wellbeing. It can be a inexpensive chau or wind gong, or a highly priced Meinl or Paiste gong, they all work. Please take some time to consider the sound files to find a size and style that works for you.

Generally, as you get larger in size you will get more space between the bass note of the gong and the crash. In a small gong, you can hit it and get a bass note, and then hit it again and it will easily crash. In a large gong, you will hit it once and get the bass note, and then can hit it again and again and uncover more and more sound until you eventually get to the crash. There will be “more to explore” in terms of variety of vibrations coming from the gong, and more complexity in binaurals. As you get larger, you as well get a longer sustain. For example a gong that is 32" or larger will sustain its fundamental for a good deal of time, so you can more get "lost" in the tone, compared to a 18" gong, which will have little sustain.

Another factor to consider, is will the gong sound well with other instruments you are going to be playing with it. One nice benefit of the tuned gongs, such as planetary gongs or the flower of life gongs, is that you will know the hz value the gong will play to, and can buy a gong you will know will match the instruments you have. If you need help in this, we can definitely support you! Just give us a call!