Let us help you fine tune your sound healing practice!

Wonders of Sound!

Enjoy the wonder of Sound!

Let us help you create a thriving practice with knowing use of sound & shamanic healing instruments!

Sound is a fundamental nature of creation.  Sound is an elemental form of creation moving from subtle to manifest reality.  When we learn how to couple our awareness and intention with the use of explicit sound, we are collaborating with the very essence and nature of creation.  When understood, most instruments we offer can create a 'field of sound' with which we can enter into a unified field of consciousness with our own attention, intention, and level of awareness to collaborate with for deep relaxation, healing or other quality outcomes.
Most of the instruments we offer have been used throughout history by the cultures who created them, whether that is indigenous or Native American drums and rattles, Tibetan bells, bowls and drums, gongs and so many more.  We have worked with master teachers to learn such use, and dedicated ourselves to the service of helping others discover how they also can use these instruments for wondrous natural and creative outcomes of their own.

But we also have decades of experience with more contemporary therapeutic tools such as Pure Crystal singing bowls, and tuning forks.
Because we have been in the field for decades, working with master teachers of both traditional and contemporary healing methodologies, mixed with decades of our own therapeutic and educational work, we are able to provide you authentic, in depth quality service and consultation to understand how and why you might use these instruments in a therapeutic practice, for your own well being, or with clients or groups; whether it is just one instrument you want to use, several instruments, an instrument set or gathering of many instruments.  You may want to look at our gift and starter sets, for instance.

You may want to talk to us about your best thoughts, wishes, and intended outcomes in a wellness practice for yourself or others.  We are here to support you!

We can help you discover the one instrument you want, a set of bowls for therapeutic wellness practices for your self, or to share with clients or groups, as well as consult with you to find the perfect set of instruments to start or further your professional practice, whether composed of just one type of instrument, or blending a unique combination of instruments that best match your needs and wishes.

We also offer one on one and in depth retreats as well as on line trainings in sound therapy, personal wellness, and spiritual development and evolution.  We can devise and consult on a program tailored to your specific needs through our professional skill development program, for instance.  Or, join us in our on line introductory programs, or in depth 6 day full service retreats!

Explore our many offerings, but know we are caring, experienced human beings and facilitators of the wonders and world of sound, who answer our phone and emails, and have a quality background to assist you in your own exploration!
Many blessings in all that you are doing!
Zacciah Blackburn

Owner, Sunreed Instruments

Jon Wood, manager

And all of our staff.