Spring Equinox Message From Zacciah & Dorothy - 2024

Dear Hearts~
Spring is upon us.
It is a time of renewal and rebirth.
A time of clearing away the old, and visioning and seeding our future.
Just as we do our gardens around us, we can seed ourselves with our clear intentions to grow, nourish, and manifest our own potential.

In this way, 'seeding' is an act of clarity and kindness, to clear away the path to seed our own future potential, and manifest it through our thoughts and actions.
In so doing, we are working with the cycles of nature.
Yet, in these times we are in, there is a grand cycle synchronizing with this Earth cycle, that heightens the potential of our actions.

It is a grand time to be with yourself. Take some time, to reflect in repose.
What are you ready to clear away and let go, to resolve or heal?
If possible, rest in a sanctuary in nature, where you can feel the goodness of her heart.
Be still, and ask of yourself, what am I ready to let to, to resolve, to clarify in my life?

Give these thoughts to the Earth.
You can make a simple ritual, perhaps writing on a piece of paper, or a cloth, that you are ready to release or resolve.
You can give it to the Earth, bury it, burn it, or make an offering of flowers, leaves, or herbs to cast into the waters or the wind.
Or take an object that represents this part of yourself, to give away to the Earth.
I remember being taught by an Elder to pick up a stone or piece of wood in the forest floor that called to me, carry it in my pocket for some time, days or weeks if need be; and, every time I could bring up thoughts of this I wanted to release or heal, I would ‘give’ it to the stone or wood, until I was ready to release it, bury it, throw it off a cliff, send it into the waters….

By finding your own way of doing this, it becomes more personal and real. Authentic is a key word here.
Authentically, in one’s heart, giving it away.

This gives room to the process of seeding new growth, new life, new direction, not unlike tilling the soil to prepare the gardens for this year's bounty and harvest.

And that gives room to that next question?
What am I ready to sow?
What seeds have I within me, that I might plant in the fertile soil of my heart, of my soul, to renew, replenish, or give birth to?
What actions do I need to take to make these seeds bear fruit and multiply?
How can I better empower myself to take these steps in my path of life?

Then, resting again in yourself, what more can I need to do to come into right relationship with my true Self, and deepen my relationship with All Life?
What steps need I take?
How can I imagine and manifest this through my life and actions?
It is up to each of us.
We have the power and the freedom to choose these right actions.

And, perhaps moreso, these are the times to come to right choice, right action, in our lives, in harmony with All Life.

We have the power and the right, and the knowing within us, to do so. It is inherent within each of us. The Elders call it “Original Instructions,” which come from Creator. It lives and breathes in our cells, in our hearts and minds, in the consciousness and living essence of Who We Are, and Why We are Here, Why we have come at this time.

We have devoted our lives to this work.
Let us know how we can help you in your path.

Zacciah and Dorothy