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Shure BLX/PGA31 Wireless Headset

Shure BLX/PGA31 Wireless Headset

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Shure BLX14R/PGA31 Wireless Headset System

Why Would I Want This? The Shure PGA31 microphone is a high quality headset microphone. The microphone creates very little to no static. It is incredibly silent while people are not speaking. The microphone will pick up your voice clearly whether you are just talking, or if you and singing, and also won't distort while instruments are playing. The main benefit of a wireless headset is that, whlie you move around your space, the sound quality of your voice will remain the same. You won't need to deal with a microphone cord for your voice mic, and won't need to stay in one place for your voice mic to record you. This microphone headset comes with instructions for set up, and as well will work with any of the mixers we sell.

Each microphone connects to the mixer with one XLR microphone, sold separately.