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How To Submit Your Review, and Other Rules

  1. Your review must contain both a picture of your instrument(s), and a review of your instrument(s)/experience with Sunreed. The instruments must be of, or predominantly contain instruments purchased from Sunreed Instruments. Some ideas for the picture is how you display your instrument(s) at home or in studio, or to place the instrument(s) in a beautiful setting. You may even take pictures of your entire instrument collection within your studio or home. For a review, you may discuss how you use the products with family, friends, animals or clients. You may discuss what you like about the product and the service we provide.
  2. This is a monthly event. You will be entered into the event for the month we receive your review. For example, if we receive your review on July 29th, you will be in the event for the month of July.
  3. You can send in more then one review per month, though you will only receive one prize per month, per account.
  4. You must have a Sunreed account to receive your store credit and enter this event.
    1. You can create your account here.
  5. Credits will be given to accounts between the 1st and the 15th of the month after the previous event has ended. For example, a review submitted June 20th, would receive credit between July 1st and July 15th.
  6. All reviews must be sent by email to Please place "photo review event" as the title of the email, your name and information that would allow us to locate your order, such as the approximate date or order number. Please state whether Sunreed Instruments may use your name for promotional purposes.
  7. Your review must be sent after you have received your products. Reviews that are received before the product have been delivered will not be entered.
  8. By submitting a review, you give Sunreed Instruments, LLC, full rights to use and reproduce both the picture and text in your submission for any promotional purposes. We will withhold your name from the review if you choose. Sunreed Instruments may use your review at anytime after you submit it into the contest.
  9. Sunreed Instruments has the right to end or make changes to this event at anytime.

Monthly Prizes

1st Place Review

The 1st place prize wins $200 store credit.

2nd Place Review

The 2nd place prize wins $100 store credit

3rd Place Review (Everyone Else)

Everyone who does not win the 1st or 2nd place prize wins a $10 credit.