Native American Antler Drum.

Navajo Antler NA Frame Drums

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These Navajo Native American frame drums are handmade by a Navajo drum maker in the Black Mountains of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. He is an artisan whose drum creations are inspired by traditional beliefs, especially the belief that one’s creativity is a reflection of nature. Spirit to him is the true impulse of his artistic gift as evident in his workmanship, meaningful symbols, and coordination and combining natural materials from his native land in North America. It is his hope that by sharing his talent, others will discover their own beat, rhythm, and relationship to all creation.

These drums are exceptional, not only in there design, but as well their resonant power. Each drum includes his signature circular tie, and elk antler for the handle. The elk antler creates a very firm grip for the holding the drum, and we are honored to offer this option. The resonance of the drums is pristine, and you are sure to enjoy. He makes each one individually, made to order, so please this drum may take up to two weeks to be made and shipped to you. Please let us know if you need it fast.

As with our Traditional Native American drums, we recommend the 18" size drums, for a full, rich tone, easy to hold.  These are excellent for drum circles, or personal use in ceremony, ritual, or music.  Smaller framed adults may prefer a 16” drum.  For children, depending on age, you may wish a 12-14" drum. Colors on skin vary dramatically from light and dark and with natural patterns. Bison is often the darkest and has the most patterns, with elk and deer being lighter colored. Buffalo is also the thickest hide. However, this will vary with every drum.

These drums, as they are made in Arizona, hold up best in dry climates. If you are in a humid climate, you may need to dry out the drum in the sun, or with dry air, or applied heat, before using it for ceremony. 


For those working in a traditional way, the 'medicine quality' of the animal you are working with, may be the most important ingredient in making your choice.  For those in the Great Plains, Bison was the Great Gift of Spirit.  Elk was a great medicine giver throughout much of the mountainous regions of North America. Deer offer the medicine of the Great Mother in indigenous traditions. The deer represents the softer side of the feminine, such as the Heart of Compassion. Indeed the Buddha is often represented as a deer for this reason. Using the hide, like of all parts of an animal is, in indigenous philosophy, a way of honoring the animal and of completing the circle of life.  We do this with great care and respect.