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We Are Open For Online, Virtual and Retail Shopping

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We are New England's Premier Resource for Sound Healing, Now Available In Person Retail, and Online Virtual Tours

We are specialists in the field of sound healing and shamanic practice. We have over 40 years of experience in the field, over 70 years collectively on staff.

We are here to help you thrive!


In today's changing times, we may have to change our attitudes, our perceptions, and our approach to life, to fine tune our own existence, and our practice.
Let us help you fine tune your practice.
But we can also assist in fine tuning your approach to life, to help you find or restore a sense of wellness, balance, harmony, nourishment, and a sense of thriving in your life, even with the appearance of limited resources or inequities around you.

We are available for consultations on instrument choices and methodologies, as well as in depth one on one studies and therapies, with opportunities by phone, skype or virtual meetings.

Our New Retail Shopping Location Is Now Open!

barn.s20.-10-20200222-145716.jpgOur new retail center is open to the public! We are opening the space to small groups, wearing masks. We have an incredible selection of Pure Quartz Singing Bowls, Chakra Sets, Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bells, Chimes and Gongs; Native American Shamanic Frame Drums, Rattles, Flutes, Tuning forks, Didgeridoos, Books, CD's, and accessories. We are following state Covid-19 guidelines for retail location. Our retail location is a special opportunity to come, try instruments in person, and get one on one guidance for your selections. Please give us a call to set up your appointment. We take appointments on weekdays, typically between 11am-3pm.
Can't Come To Vermont For Retail? Try Virtual Online Shopping!

We at Sunreed have always been service based in our work and practices.barn.s20-6-20200222-145529.jpg  During this epoch time of change, we are looking for new and innovative ways to assist you to discover your potential, and the power of Sound as a healing vessel.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs, or to create an appointment for a Virtual Tour of our retail center to assist you in selecting tools for your private or professional sound healing and shamanic practices.  One of our sound healing experts will take you on a virtual tour, using Zoom, Facetime or your app of choice, and will play instruments for you to help you choose the right instrument for your needs. 

Our owner Zacciah Blackburn is also available for appointments for in depth consultation, private therapy, and professional skill development to assist you in your journey to therapeutic practices in Sound Work, whether it is for your self, your family, a professional practice, or healing prayers for the world.

barn.s2.-8-20200222-145635.jpgJoin our newsletter, also, to be informed of online events, special promotions, articles, new videos, and more, regarding our efforts to assist during these times of great change and transformation.
Most importantly, take steps to insure you and your families' health, and safe and well being during these times.

Know that we are doing all we can to assist, as well as follow all safety and health protocols here, ourselves.

Do let us know how we can better assist you.