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DB Technologies B Hype 10 Speaker System

DB Technologies B Hype 10 Speaker System

$30.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

DB Technologies B Hype 10 Speaker System


Width 11.61 in
Height 21.42 in
Depth 11.14 in
Weight 19.84 lbs

When And How Will This Ship: This product will ship with FedEx, typically the next day after ordering and will arrive within 3-7 days.

What Will I Receive?: 1 DB Technologies B Hype 10 Speaker System, with power chord. You will need to buy an extra XLR cable here if you would need to hook a microphone or mixer to this speaker system.

Product Description: This speaker can be connected to any of the mixers in one of our audio equipment packages. It can also be used with any mixer that utilizes and xlr or quarter inch jack (basically most audio mixers and interfaces). It is a powered speaker, so it comes with a power chords that needs to be plugged in to operate. The speaker is a good all around size for a lot of different spaces. You can turn the volume down on it, and use it in a yoga room, or meditation hall, and can turn the volume up and even use it to project sound in an outdoor space for 20-30 people.

You can also plug a dynamic microphone, like our SE V7 Voice Microphone directly into this speaker and use it without a mixer interface. You would not be able to plug out instrument condenser microphones directly into this speaker though, and would need the mixer interface for those. 

Speakers are really useful in sound healing, because they allow people to be further enveloped by the sound you are making. You can think of a speaker as an amplifier, as it is amplifying the quality of vibration you are creating. Zacciah, our teacher here, uses amplification in almost all of the work he does live, unless the space is too small.