The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Practice CD with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.

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A Sacred Sound Practice, for ENTERING HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE Based on Indigenous Practices & Elders Wisdom.

This is a contemporary sound meditation based in traditional wisdom, offering an opportunity to awaken our greater potential in Harmony with All Life. It is based on the wisdom of Living Indigenous Elders & Wisdom Traditions, which have offered methodology to come into harmonious awakening during this time of Great Transformation, often referred to as the Great Shift. It speaks to the wisdom of numerous cultures, who offer understanding of how to access and integrate the wisdom of the traditional indigenous view of the Three Worlds: Above, Below, and Within, or, The Cosmos, Earth, and Self. Part of becoming an awakened or enlightened being in our human form is to gain access and relationship with the energies and intelligences of these three worlds. The practice also integrates the understanding of what we have come to call the Three Hearts Practice, also integral to indigenous teachings of this era, which suggest that by entering harmonic relationship with the heartbeat of the Earth and the heart of the Galaxy (considered the birthplace of souls by many indigenous cultures,) we can come into Harmony with All Life. The practice guides us to experience ourselves as a Column of Living Energy, the Tree of Life, in order to access and integrate these three realms of wisdom and greater experiential realities. Far more information on this underlying wisdom, and the practice, as well as workshops and classes conducted worldwide, can be found on the Center of Light website: This practice is best experienced in a quiet environ, with time to fully experience the hour long introduction and meditation. A headset or quality sound system is recommended. It is not intended as a musical recording, but, instead, uses sacred sound & shamanic techniques, with voice and instruments, to enter and awaken, heightened, luminous, or realized states of being. It is recommended not to use this during driving or other physical activities.

Introduction: 12:17; Practice: 49:08