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The Three Lights Practice

The Three Lights Practice CD with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.

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This is a meditative technique that is designed to bring us into our innate luminous wisdom. It is based, specifically, upon teachings and understandings of Tibetan Buddhism, which honors the Three Lights of our luminous Rainbow Bodies, of Enlightened Mind, Speech, and Heart (Wisdom, or Compassion.) By witnessing and honoring this luminous wisdom, we come into alignment with our inherent luminosity, dissolving all 'encumbrances,' that which keeps us from directly perceiving reality as it is, not how we imagine or believe it to be. This includes all misperceptions, built by ourselves, or influenced by others, of who we truly or, or why we are here. And, it builds our own innate luminous being, in service to the Oneness of All Life. It is an incredible opportunity to participate in discovering or advancing our own luminous wisdom in the world.