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The Soul Star Initiations

The Soul Star Initiation CD with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.

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The SoulStar Initiations borrow wisdom from Eastern, Egyptian, and Indigenous wisdom, to activate our highest seat of celestial wisdom, which resides in an energy center, or chakra, above the crown. This is understood, in Egyptian mysticism, to be the seat of our highest vibrational, most pure, individual consciousness, our Higher Self. When we raise our awareness beyond this level of consciousness, we are peering into the collective field of unified consciousness. It holds the golden radiance of our Divine Nature and Authority, awaiting our recognition, and permission to activate it, in harmony with All Life. Once activated, we see the clarity and beauty of the world from a different perspective, because of our own radiant grace, which flows from the radiant source of All Being. We recognize, through direct perception, that we are part of that. This relationship with one's true radiant nature, for those Saints and Sages of the world, who have fully established it in their lives, is depicted in art as the golden halo about the head or crown. For those who have discovered the pathway to this illumined self, it becomes a joyous celebration to carry into the world, in service. For, the beauty one sees in All, as we discover, we are indeed, a part of All.