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The Meditation/Mystic Flute

The Meditation/Mystic Flute

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This is a very compelling meditative flute with a very unique tuning.  The Mystic Flute has a deep, mellow voice that’s perfect for inspiring deeply meditative and relaxing states.  

This flute is made by El Buho, who trained with Zacciah Blackburn and brings a divine love to the creation of his bamboo flutes.

-  Handcrafted from the highest quality Tonkin Bamboo.
-  Standard in the key of D, with a lowest note available of C#.  For special tuning requests, please email us.
-  Comes with a handmade flute bag to protect it from the elements. Please note that case material/design may vary based on availability.

Hear The Mystic Flute in action: https://soundcloud.com/elbuhoflutes/sets/themystic

If you have any questions about what type of flute to order, feel free to email us.  We'd be happy to work with you and help you find the best option for your playing style and musical needs.