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Mystic Bamboo Flute

The Meditation/Mystic Flute

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Professionally Tuned - Made In Vermont

The Mystic Meditation Flute


Sizes: ~23"

Weight: ~1lb`

When And How Will It Ship: Each flute is handcrafted made-to-order in Northern Vermont. The flute maker usually ships out the flute one week after order, though it can take upwards of 2 weeks at times.

What You’ll Receive: 1 transverse bamboo mystic flute, well tuned, with light or burnt finish, and 1 cloth carrying pouch.

Product Description:

This is a compelling flute with a unique tuning that asks its player and listener to slow down. We are honored to be able to offer our flute maker's flutes, who trained with Zacciah Blackburn and brings a divine love to the creation of his bamboo flutes. This is a middle eastern tuning that our flute maker requested permission for, and was one of the first flute he designed and sold. The notes for this flute are as following C# - D - E - F - A - B - C. This combination gives the Mystic Flute a deep, tranquil, mellow voice that’s perfect for inspiring deeply meditative and relaxing states.  It is handcrafted from the highest quality Tonkin Bamboo.

Comes with a handmade flute bag to protect it from the elements. Please note that case material/design may vary based on availability.

Professionally Tuned: These flutes can play well and are professionally tuned to A440 up to 1 and a half octaves. Please note, that flutes play sharper and flatter depending upon the embouchure and the strength of the individual's playing.

Flutes For Small Hands: The flute has finger stretches that make it accessible for both adults with large and small hands.

Light vs. Dark Finish: Light finished flutes are finished with a non-toxic all natural oil to protect the wood and give it an excellent shine. Dark finished flutes are burnt to give them a dark complexion.

Notes For The Flute: C# - D - E - F - A - B - C

Listen To Our Flute Maker Play The Mystic Flute