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The Light of Creation

The Light of Creation CD with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.

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The Light of Creation is a meditation that can take one into awakened states of luminous being, what most esoteric cultures define as our innate nature of being. The practice is based in Yogic (Vedic) and Tibetan meditative practices, working with the concept of spaciousness (or emptiness) in the heart, coupled with pure spectrums of light perceived through the third eye, and crown chakras. The practice is fairly simple, but has potentially profound implications, of dissolving obstacles that might keep our normal perceptions from entering more luminous states, and in perceiving those more luminous states, directly. The first track is an explanation of the practice and its background. The second track takes us through the practice step by step, then allows us time to enter each phase of the practice more deeply, while Zacciah utilizes Sacred Sound techniques, or intonations, which can enrich our experience. These sound intonations utilize advanced shamanic techniques arising from within many cultural understandings, and are not intended as musical accompaniment.