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The Gateway Practice: Orienting Oneself to Infinite Potential, Infinite Wisdom

The Gateways CD with Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D.

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A high quality single practice from our February "Turning the Wheel" CD set. 

This practices comes without a full explanation, but goes directly into a 6 'Gateway' orientation to elemental consciousness, and the fabric of infinite potential which arises from approaching contemplation ot, and orientation toward, "All Time and Space," or, the infinite wisdom and potential which resides in infinite aspects of time and space.  This requires deeper contemplation than the 'average' western mind places on the nature of Creation, and the fabric of how it is woven into manifest reality, but is a potent tool for those seeking deeper awareness, realization, and relationship to the infinite wonders of "All Time and Space."  (Not available in multiple CD purchase specials.)