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The Celtic Triskele with Moon Phases

The Celtic Triskele Painting

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Celtic Triskele with moon phases hand painted on a 16" Remo Drum. The Celtic Triskele represents the number three: a powerful energy for seemingly infinite reasons including the phases of the moon (new, half, full) which are also depicted on this drum. The Triskele represents the mystery, the feminine, intuition, spirituality, and the subconscious.  Painted here on a Remo Buffalo Drum, 16" x 3.5", which comes with a simple drum mallet.  Click 'add to cart' to add this painting to your drum of choice.

Dorothy will paint the Celtic Triskele on any drum we sell, including Sunreed's Native American Drums, REMO Buffalo Drums, and Shaman Drums.  The cost you see here is only for having the design painted onto the drum. The cost of the drum is separate. To order this painting, please add it to the cart, alongside of the drum you would like it painted on.