Sunreed Custom Engraved Tuning Forks

Sunreed Custom Engraved Tuning Forks

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Sunreed's Custom Engraved Tuning Forks

We are now offering custom engraved tuning forks. This is the perfect option for someone looking for a unique hz frequency they can't find anywhere else, or a business looking to personalize the tuning forks they are using. They make an excellent gift to a colleague or loved one.

We are able to produce either a weighted tuning for between 30 and 512hz, or an unweighted tuning fork between 128 and 5000hz. You can either let us know the specific frequency you are looking for, or let us know the specific musical note. If you would like any help in this, we are happy to assist!

Along with the custom hz value, you also get the option of having a special engraving on the tuning fork on the front and back. On the front, you can have 1 line with 10 characters including spaces, and on the back you can have 2 lines each with 10 characters including spaces. See the pictures on the top of the page for an example of the engraving, and, there is as well an example below:


Side 1: Bliss 

Side 2:

Line 1: Ohana

Line 2: Therapies


With your purchase you will receive your custom tuning fork, with a protective pouch. The tuning forks may take up to three week to make and ship, and most likely will ship within two weeks. Due to the custom nature of these tuning forks, they are non-returnable.

At check out please write in the special instruction box the following information:

1) The Hz value, or musical note, you would like for your tuning fork;

2) What you would like engraved on the tuning fork (see example below)

Example: Side 1: Bliss Side 2: Line 1: Zone Line 2:Therapies