Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid Chime 10 inch

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Singing Quartz Crystal Pyramid Chime 10"

Each pyramid is handmade. The sound file is typical of a quartz pyramid this size, though may vary slightly. 

Size: 10"

What Will I Receive?: You will receive 1 singing quartz crystal pyramid, and one suede mallet and one crystal striker to activate the chime.

When Will It Ship?: This chime will typically ship the next day after ordering, and arrive by FedEx within 3-5 business days.

Product Description:

A quartz pyramid is a chime like instrument with a luxurious sustain. Smaller pyramids will have higher tones while the larger pyramids have a lower fundamental tone. What sets the pyramid apart from other quartz instruments is the built in interference achieved by having all of the quartz rods ringing out at one time. A single rod would have a pure, fundamental focused tone with a smooth sustain and gentle release. Once you add to the structure the sound of each rod is affected by the next creating a shimmering effect as the sound focus follows the phase of the vibrating rods.

The pyramid can be used like a tingsha, bell or shang. It can be used at the beginning or end of a meditation, or to clear space. It also can be paired with metal or crystal singing bowls. The shimmering multi-tonal quality of the chime calls forth attention, so that attention may be highly present and one may focus into the present moment with great intention. The shimmer multi-tonal quality can both soothe tension, as well as shake up energetic blocks. 

The instrument can be held by hand, or placed on a stand. We don't find great differences with using different types of wands to activate the pyramid, and recommend just using a suede mallet as sent with the chime.