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Free Shipping For Continental US

This product can be purchase at Old Delhi Music. We believe Old Delhi Music are providing the most reliable quality for Indian Instruments in the country, and are happy to advertise for them and give them our business.

Below you can find what Old Delhi Music has written about this product:

"The RKS No. 3 "Lefty" is a well refined, entry level left-handed sitar. It's a fantastic option for new or intermediate players. Radha Krishna Sharma & Co. (RKS) was founded in Kolkata in 1968. They offer well-crafted, professional grade Indian string instruments at accessible price points.

We have spent time with the company owner Saroj Sharma while in Kolkata, and we appreciate the tradition and spirit he maintains running the company. We are very pleased to work with him directly and carry ONLY their "Original" products. (NOTE: "Original" RKS products can be identified with the nameplate reading "Radha Krishna Sharma" and not "Made RKS.")

We have these in our inventory in the U.S., and they are each set up in our Urbana, IL shop before shipping. This model has 7 main strings and 11 taraf/sympathetic strings. The finish is a warm mahogany brown and the carving and penwork are simple and nicely done.

- FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S. from our Urbana, IL location
- Padded Soft Case ($69 value)
- One Extra String Set
- Mirzrabs (for plucking strings)
- Professional Set-Up / Service (available ONLY because we have our products on hand and do not distribute via wholesale / drop shipping companies...this is a BIG deal!)"