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REMO Children's Gathering Drum

REMO Vegan Pow Wow Style Gathering Drum

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Remo's Native American style drum for children, toddlers, and kids.  They call it the Remo Kid's Gathering Drum, but if you're good your child might let you play too! This big drum is loads of fun for one child, but the fun more than doubles when you have two or more children playing together. Six built-in rubber feet allow the drum to be played while sitting on the floor; or put it in the center of a table. Children can play unique rhythms on the pre-tuned Remo head, or see if they can match the patterns you play. This drum is loosely based on ceremonial drums used in various cultures to gather people together or to celebrate special occasions. Can be played with hands, sticks, or mallets and will accommodate 2 or more children playing the drum at a time. 22 inch diameter with an 8 inch height decorated with a colorful Rain Forest design, mallets included. This drum features an ACOSTICON â?¢ body and Fiberskyn â?¢ head, for ease of cleaning and years of durable play. Ages 5+