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Remo Sound Comfort 16-22 Inch Drum made of Cloth.

REMO Sound Comfort Technology Vegan Drums

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REMO's Sound Comfort Technology comes in a 16" and 22" size frame drum. This drum is specially designed for therapeutic settings. In many occasions drums play too loudly or too resonantly for people to be able to tune into the vibration comfortably. Those who are sensitive to loud and sharp noises will especially enjoy this drum. The synthetic head of the drum, the Acousticon technology, is specially designed to take dampen the higher note of the drum, and as well soften the drum so it not as loud as other frame drums. This creates a soothing soft deep note, perfect for smaller settings. The 16 inch size is lighter in weight and easier to hold, though has less of a bass note then the 22 inch size, which has a deep base note. Both are excellent choices. This drum comes with a free grey beater.