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Remo Buffalo Drum

Remo Black Bahia Drum

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This is a new, excellent, deep voiced drum from Remo.
We have not seen another drum of this size as deep and rich voiced.  It is close to the quality of the 22" buffalo drum's voice.

Limited availability on this drum, pick yours soon!

  • Size: 16" Diameter, 3.5" Depth
  • Produces a low frequency bass tone that is found in many traditional drums from Africa, Brazil, and the indigenous cultures of the Americas
  • Manufactured with the vinyl Bahia Bass fixed pre-tuned drumhead and Remo's patented ACOUSTICON drum shells
  • Produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals
  • Equipped with a rope handle and mallet, you can play Remo's Bahia Bass Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will keep their pitch sounding great

Remo's Native American Style Drum also called a shaman drum. The Remo Buffalo Drum is fabulous for drum circles, sweat lodges, healing, ritual, and ceremony.  Remo makes a wide selection of Mylar/Fibreskyn Native American style frame drums, which they call "Buffalo drums." While these are made from manufactured, non-natural components, they are popular among those whom wish to insure they will hold up under all weather conditions, in sweatlodges, high humid times, etc. Natural skin drums can change or lose their voice, temporarily, due to weather conditions, these do not. Although these are Native inspired drums, they are not Native American made. The Remo drums are made in the US. Several sizes are available. Includes beater.