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Intention Rattles

The Intention rattle series is made by our Manager here at Sunreed and his wife, Jonathan Wood and Laura Ridgeway. They both we inspired to make rattles a few years ago, not knowing why but knowing it was the right thing for them to be doing. There goal is to make medicine rattles where the medicinal energy is highly apparent with each shake of the rattle. They exclusively use Elk hide in the making of their rattles, and fill the rattles with either corn, beans or gemstones. Each rattle starts as just hide and a handle, but come alive over the course of weeks as each part is added on to create the finished artwork. 

Jonathan's favorite task in rattle making is to make custom rattles for customers, and getting to know their story and what they are looking for in a rattle. Please contact him at admin@sunreed.com if you are interested in doing this.

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