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Quartz Crystal Handle Bowls with Handle Bowl Box

Quartz Crystal Handle Bowls with Handle Bowl Box

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We are offering a small select group of clear quartz crystal handle singing bowls, that are either perfect pitch 440Hz and or perfect pitch 432Hz, discounted for your benefit. They are all $100 to $200 less then what we would normal retail price. These are the same high quality handle bowls we have been offering for years to our customers, and are making a small selection of these more accessible to our customers. Handle bowls are highly versatile crystal bowls, able to be played while standing or sitting in a chair, and able to be moved around the body. We hope you enjoy. You will receive your bowl with a free striker.

440hz and 432hz tuning: 440hz tuning is the standard tuning for instruments in the United States, in Europe and much else of the world. It means that the middle A note resonates just at 440hz, and all the other notes are tuned in relationship to A being 440hz. So, if you see a D, or G, or B on these listings, for example, we are not saying that those notes resonate to 440hz. Those notes are perfectly "in tune" to middle A being 440hz, so the bowls are perfectly in tune to classical standards of tuning instruments. 432hz tuning is if you take the middle A, and flatten it by 8hz and tune all the other notes in relationship to that. Many believe this gives the bowl special properties.

NOW we are selling these handle bowl with a handle bowl box. Because you have the hold the handle of these bowls, you can't play two bowls at one time. This box fixes that issue. When you want to play two bowls at once you can put the handle of the bowl in the box and play the bowl without holding onto it. This allows you to play multiple handle bowls at the same time, and then take the handle bowl out of the box when you would want to use it on its own! This is a Sunreed Instruments exclusive. 

The boxes were invented and are made by our manager here. He will make the bowl boxes with love that will hopefully last you a lifetime. He is not a professional wood worker. The boxes have a rustic, rough finish. The appearance of the bowl boxes may vary from those photographed.

The bowls can ship immediately but the boxes may take an extra week or two to ship.


Watch The Video Of The Handle Bowl Box!



Our clear handle quartz crystal singing bowls are made from 99.99 percent pure quartz crystal and are only sourced from manufacturers that we place 100% trust in to provide you with the best possible singing bowl experience. We guarantee the pitch, voice quality and easy playability of our bowls. We have higher standards for pitch precision then most other companies in our industry. Each purchase comes with the insurance that our staff is only a phone call away, holding decades of experience selling and helping people using quartz singing bowls to promote wellness. Also, with your order you will also receive a free striker.


With any purchase of one of our clear handle crystal singing bowls, you will receive a free video download after purchase that includes over 30 minutes of crystal singing bowl guidance from sound master Zacciah Blackburn. The video includes basic instruction on how to play and simple mindful techniques and why they are effective in sound healing practices. This is a $50 value given to our customers for free that will help begin or deepen your practice with quartz crystal singing bowls. Zacciah is also available for consultation over phone, skype or in person, and teaches many sound healing education courses in the US and internationally throughout the year through our sister company, The Center of Light.