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Protective Nesting Inserts for Crystal Bowl Cases

Protective Nesting Inserts for Crystal Bowl Cases

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Protective Nesting Inserts for Crystal Bowl Cases


For years we have dreamed of this product and here it is! With these protective nesting inserts, pads, or sleeves, you can safely nest crystal bowls within each other, within your crystal bowl case. The inserts are specially designed to fit snug all the way around you bowl, allowing you to more safely transport and store smaller crystal bowls within larger crystal bowls. They are made from sturdy smooth fabric that won't cause the bowl to stick to them, allowing you to easily remove the bowls from your case. The inserts work with any of our cases, and in our experience should work with most cases. You can nest bowls with these inserts that are two or more inches different in size (for example, a 8" bowl in a 7"-8" insert can fit into a 10" bowl).

There are three sizes of sleeves available:

For 11" crystal bowls;

For 9"-10" crystal bowls;

For 7"-8" crystal bowls.

For a discount, you can also buy all three sizes.


For more information for how to nest crystal bowls, please see our article on how to nest crystal bowls here.