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Small Khaki Singing Bowl Cushion With Crown Chakra Symbol #P201

Small Khaki Singing Bowl Cushion With Crown Chakra Symbol #P201

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4 x 0.5 in. 0.8oz, 22grams (sizes may vary slightly on these hand made imports)

This is a premium khaki colored 100% cotton Tibetan singing bowl cushion embroidered with Sahasrara Crown Chakra symbol. 

These high quality imports add a great a accent to any decor.

Sahasrara, meaning thousand, is the "Lotus of the Thousand Petals", located four finger-breadths above the crown of the head. Also called Brahma-randhra, it is the meeting place of Kundalini Shakti and Shiva. Immortality
is achieved within Sahasrara Chakra. Before attaining to this chakra the yogi is unable to reach the unconscious conscious state called asama-prajnata-samadhi. In this state there is no activity of the mind and no knower, no knowledge, nothing to be known:
knowledge, knower, and known all become unified and liberated. When the Kundalini is raised up to Sahasrara chakra, the illusion of individual self is dissolved.
The yogi becomes realized, one with the cosmic principles that govern the entire universe within the body.

*Other chakra designs are available in this color.