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Zen Live Sound Shop Starter Kit +zenlivebulk cents

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Zen Live Sound Shop Starter Kit #shopzenlivebulk

The Zen Live Sound Shop Starter Kit includes the ideal setup for a live sound concert using Zen Singing Bowls instruments. 

The thicker walls of the Zen Bioconcert Series Singing Bowls produce bold and audible tones. A combination of a small, a medium, and a large Zen Singing Bowl is perfect for a meditative harmony.

The Zen Wind Gong compliments the Bioconcert Set with an light percussive ambience. The Zen Wind Gong's handle and light weight make it perfect for mobilizing the sound.


This set includes:

Zen Bioconcert Series 2500 Gram Singing Bowl 11.75" #zbc2500

Zen Bioconcert Series 900 Gram Singing Bowl 8" #zbc900

Zen Bioconcert Series 500 Gram Singing Bowl 6.25" #zbc500

14" Zen Therapeutic Wind Gong

Zen Singing Bowls Gong Tool Carry Bag


The sound samples are an example and not of the actual bowls, nor the actual gong.

Each singing bowl includes a free carry bag and buckwheat cushion, as well as a felt mallet and wood/suede striker.

The Zen Wind gong includes a free carry bag and felt gonger.