Sound Explorer Shop Starter Kit

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Sound Explorer Shop Starter Kit

The Sound Explorer Kit includes a lively variety of light melodic chimes.

The collection of Zen Tubes produces a fun "wah" sound which can be used to modulate the tone by covering the hole on the side.

Each of the Theta Chimes plays a unique melody, whether blown by the wind or swung in hand to mobilize the sound.

Tibetan bells and tingsha compliment the higher registries of this kit with energizing tones to lift the meditation.


This kit includes:

Zen Tube 3 Pack

  • Zen Tube Black "Fa" (Sound)
  • Zen Tube Blue "Re" (Sound 2)
  • Zen Tube Gold "Mi" (Sound 3)

Theta Chimes 6 Pack

  • Enlighten (Sound 4)
  • Tranquility (Sound 5)
  • Serenity (Sound 6)
  • Esoteric (Sound 7)
  • Harmony (Sound 8)
  • Ecstasy (Sound 9)

Small Buddhist Sacred Spiritual Tibetan Bell And Dorje #Bl2 (Sound 10)

Large Buddhist Sacred Spiritual Tibetan Bell And Dorje #Bl5 (Sound 11)

Med Classic Meditation Tibetan Gong Tingsha Cymbals #ting41 (Sound 12)

The sound samples are examples and not of each specific kit.