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Desktop Meditation Kit

This small-scale Desktop Meditation Kit includes a wonderful setup for any workspace or table-top setting. This portable kit includes light, melodic cast metal singing bowls and chimes, perfect for a necessary meditation at any time of the day.

The Tibetan Bell can be rang with the hanging striker or used as a handheld bell struck at the rim with a wood gonger. The strong and high tones produced by the bell are great for dousing, smudging, clearing, and many more energizing techniques.

Tingsha cymbals are ideal in drawing focus between the similarly pitched tones. Tingsha are used in meditations as a way to begin or end the ceremony, as well as during the meditation to recall focus.

This kit includes:

Zen Singing Bowls 3-Bowl Cast Kids Set (Sound)

Small Buddhist Sacred Spiritual Tibetan Bell And Dorje #Bl2 (Sound 2)

Med Classic Meditation Tibetan Gong Tingsha Cymbals #Ting41 (Sound 3)

2x Green Cast Tibetan Singing Bowl 4" (Sound 4)

Golden Cast Tibetan Singing Bowl 3.5" (Sound 5)

2x Small Bronze Elephant Statue


Each product comes with the appropriate striker. The Green cast and Gold cast singing bowls also include a pillow each.

*The sound samples of this kit are a representation of each product and not specific to the note or pitch.