Zen Singing Bowls 3-bowl ZT300 Series Clearing Set #zt300set018

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Zen Singing Bowls 3-bowl ZT300 Series Clearing Set #zt300set018

This set includes one of each style of the 300 gram Therapeutic Series bowls: ZT300Flat, ZT300T1, and ZT300T2

Each bowl was selected to harmonize well with one another and put together into this particular set.

These light and high-registry bowls are ideal for the practice of clearing, often played above or on both sides of the head.

Bowls included:

Zen Therapeutic Series Flat 300 Gram D#/G Note Singing Bowl 5" #zt300flatd284 (Sound)

Size: 5" x 1.5"  Weight: 284 grams   Avg Rim Thickness: 2.3 mm

Fundamental Tone: D# 312 Hz   Overtone: G 790 Hz


Zen Therapeutic Series T1 300 Gram C#/G# Note Singing Bowl 5" #zt300t1c338 (Sound 2)

Size: 5" x 2.25"  Weight: 338 grams   Avg Rim Thickness: 2.4 mm

Fundamental Tone: C# 281 Hz   Overtone: G# 822 Hz


Zen Therapeutic Series T2 300 Gram F/C Note Singing Bowl 5" #zt300t2f388 (Sound 3)

Size: 5" x 2.25"  Weight: 388 grams   Avg Rim Thickness: 2.9 mm

Fundamental Tone: F 355 Hz   Overtone: C 1053 Hz 


The sound samples are of the actual bowls

Each bowl comes with a free carry bag, pillow, and striker.