Himalayan Singing Bowl and Theta Chime Gift Pack +ack001 cents

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This gift pack includes a Hand Hammered Himalayan Singing Bowl approximately 4 to 5 inches in diameter, as well as your choice of a Theta Chimes Carillion Wind Chime. This pair of instruments is a perfect value.

The sounds samples for each chime are above as follows:

Theta Chimes Ecstasy (Play Sound)

Theta Chimes Enlighten (Play Sound 2)

Theta Chimes Esoteric (Play Sound 3)

Theta Chimes Harmony (Play Sound 4)

Theta Chimes Serenity (Play Sound 5)

Theta Chimes Tranquility (Play Sound 6)


The Himalayan Singing Bowl includes a free pillow and a dual wood-suede striker.