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Burnished Pair Of Tibetan Hand Gongs 12.75" #Tg2

Burnished Pair Of Tibetan Hand Gongs 12.75" #Tg2

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Burnished Pair of Tibetan Hand GONGS 12.75" #tg2

Measurements 12.75 inches by 2.75 inches deep. Weight 5 lbs 8.5 oz/2510 grams

These gongs include a free Felt Gonger!

Features a shining gold finish!

These Tibetan hand gongs, also known as 'Rol mo', are used in Tibetan music to provide outline and rythmic articulation in routine chant. These gongs have string tying into the bell, so you can hold each one in each hand. They can be played on their own, or gonged together to let their harmonies mix. These cymbals are generally used for Bon ceremonies, which pays focus on transcendence and spiritual transformation.

Excellent gongs for meditation, healing, music, therapy, or even a car sales showroom... The actual sound file of these gongs can be heard on this page as well. Each gong is individually recorded so you will receive exactly what you see and hear. When we record the sound file, we play both individually and then gonged together.