22" Printed Cosmic Skycaster Fiberskyn Frame Drum -e22in-skycaster cents

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22" Printed Moon Fiberskyn Frame Drum

This drums warm and resonant sound is designed to mimic the sound and feel of traditional animal skin drumheads.

This manufactured fiberskyn design helps the drum stay in tune under a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. Although it's not made from traditional materials the design can produce the tonal qualities of a traditional wood shell and skin drum head.

The frame drum does not have a handle on the back, yet can be cradled or gripped by the wooden frame while playing.

This drum features an colorfully artistic design displaying a person "casting" into the cosmos.

While often played using bare hands, this drum includes a medium Zen White Felt striker, which was used to record the sound sample.

The drum is 22" x 2.5" and weighs 2.2lbs.

The sound sample is a representation and not specific to each drum.