Crystal Vibes Premum Perfect Pitch 4321Hz 5-Note Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set 8-14" #set547

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Crystal Vibes Premium Perfect Pitch 440Hz 5-Note Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set 8-14" #set547


14" C Note (+10 cents)

13" D Note (+10 cents)

12" E Note (+10 cents)

11" F Note (+10 cents)

10" G Note (+10 cents)

9" A Note (+10 cents)

8" B Note (+10 cents)

This set includes all whole notes from C to B, making a Full C major scale which produces a bright and uplifting melody while also aligning with all of the main chakras. Each note of this set is approximately 10 cents sharp of the 440Hz Perfect Pitch tuning, harmonizing well with other 440Hz tuned instruments, and perfectly with one another.

Each bowl in this set includes a suede wrapped striker and a rubber o-ring.

*Cent values are rounded to the nearest 5 cents.