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Black Handle Singing Bowl Carrying Case Large

Black Handle Singing Bowl Carrying Case Large

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Black Handle Singing Bowl Carrying Case Large 

Pictured is a beautiful Handle Crystal Singing bowl Case with our Crystal Vibes logo attached the side. It is made from black nylon and is a heavy duty case. This marvelous case is used to store or transport your meditation bowl. This particular case is appropriate for any handle crystal bowl between 9 inches or less in diameter (also fits Tibetan Bowls). The case includes a storage sleeve in the lid for your suede striker.

This case is ideal for smaller sizes of handle crystal singing bowls, making it perfect for storing or traveling with your Crystal Singing Bowls. A 9" pad insert is included to hold the shape of the case and immobilize the bowl within it.

Case Measurements:

Outside: 10.5" x 19"

Inside: 9" x 19"

Pad: 9" x 1.5"