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Pakistani Shaman Drums

Pakistani Shaman Drums

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Our Simple Shaman drums have a fixed goatskin head, wooden frame, and include a simple beater. In the 18 and 22 inch, this drum is highly resonant and have good bass note. It has a thinner frame, and a thinner head, which means you can feel much more vibration coming from the drum then one with a thicker frame and hide. When people first pick up this drum, they are often amazed by the quality of its tone and the depth of its voice. These drums are all very light weight, so even if you have a smaller frame, you can pick up and play a 22 inch drum for a good amount of time. Each drum comes with a free beater, but for the best quality tone, we suggest going to our drum beater category and selecting a Sunreed Soft Beater.

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