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Non-Root Shakuhachi, Alto size, one with bindings

Non-Root Shakuhachi

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Zacciah currently may take 60-90 days to complete one of these flutes and ship.

Our Non-Root Shakuhachi, made from the stalk of the bamboo plant, usually close to the root, is an excellent alternative to the Root Shakuhachi. Our traditional Non-Root Shakuhachi will satisfy the beginner and student of the Shakuhachi.

Our Shakuhachi are tuned to traditional minor pentatonic scales, utilizing digital quartz tuners. 6 hole diatonic (major scale) flutes can be special ordered.  Contact us for current pricing, or add:  $18.00 for most student models, $36.00 for most concert quality models, in the 'special instructions' box during of checkout.

Our Concert quality Shakuhachis are our finest non-root shakuhachi in pitch, tonality, and range, with close to two register range, or higher. Concert quality implies the flute should meet or exceed the expectations of a professional player in pitch and range. Student quality will satisfy most beginners who just want to experiment with the basics of playing shakuhachi, before delving into more significant purchases.  Beginning players and students of the shakuhachi find it is not as important to purchase a Root Shakuhachi as it is to have the instrument play well and in tune. Each comes with a full 3 month warranty and complete instructions.