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New! Sunreed Special Nesting Singing Bowl Case

New! Sunreed Special Nesting Singing Bowl Case

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 New Purple Crystal Bowl Nesting Cases

Our new Crystal Singing Bowl Nesting Cases are unique.  This case is the perfect solution for nesting multiple crystal singing bowls in a single case. The case has nesting pads or 'socks' that fully envelope each bowl, so you can safely nest multiple bowls in one case for storage or transport.  The case comes with nice zippers and handles, and includes a storage sleeve on the outside for your striker, and a safety velcro 'latch' to keep it from opening unexpectedly, if unzipped.

Currently, we can give special pricing for these cases, below list cost, if ordered with multiple bowls, such as harmonic or nesting bowl sets, when made to order by our special tuning process via our factory.  Ask for details, or let us provide order/costing for you.

If ordered separately, additional shipping costs may be necessary in some parts of the country (Hawaii, Alaska,) or international orders.  We will contact you in such cases, or feel free to contact us before ordering.

Insert Sizing

Depending on what size case you purchase your case comes with the following inserts/nesting pads:

14" Case - Comes with 11" and 8" insert/nesting pads

12" Case - Comes with a 10" and 8" insert/nesting pad

10" Case - Comes with a 8" insert/nesting pad

8" Case - Case alone, no insert/nesting pad

Quality Tested

We have tested many different crystal bowl cases online to see the differences in fabric and quality. These cases have been approved for the strength of the fabric, quality of the zipper, and stitching. We have also tested many different sizes of crystal bowls in these cases to see how well certain sized bowls fit and nest into them, ensuring that these cases will hold bowls safely. We suggest measuring your crystal bowls before ordering, to ensure that you bowls are at least 1.75 inches difference in size, or more. This is to ensure that the bowls will not be too tight to nest together.

You may also consider our highest quality nesting cases here.

What About 9", 11" and 13" Bowls?

9", 11" and 13" bowls fit very well in these cases and inserts. We feel very comfortable for storing them or transporting them in one of these cases or inserts. We suggest putting a 9" bowl in a 10" insert or case, a 11" bowl in a 12" case, and a 13" bowl in a 14" case.

See our article on nesting bowls here.  You are able to nest bowls in most of our cases.