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This product can be purchase at Old Delhi Music. We believe Old Delhi Music are providing the most reliable quality for Indian Instruments in the country, and are happy to advertise for them and give them our business.

Below you can find what Old Delhi Music has written about this product:

"Built to the quality levels that made Kishori Mohan Naskar famous, this is a wonderful introduction to their number 3 line up. True to form, this has 7 main strings and 11 taraf / sympathetic strings. The carving is simple and sufficient and finished in a Naskar's signature chestnut brown.

- FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S. from our Urbana, IL location
- Hard Case ($300 value)
- One Extra String Set
- Mirzrabs (for plucking strings)
- Professional Set-Up / Service (available ONLY because we have our products on hand and do not distribute via wholesale / drop shipping companies...this is a BIG deal!)

Optional Add-On's:
- Additional string sets & Mizrabs (discounted w/ purchase)
- Sitar Pickup (Add $150)"