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Monoj K Sardar No 412

Monoj K Sardar No 412

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$35.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Concert Quality

Made By Monoj Kumar Sardar - Kolkata's Premium Harmonium Maker

A440 Pitch - Checked at Dispatch

Set of 2 High Quality Reeds: 1 Base + 1 Male

3½ Octaves

Total 42 Keys

Natural Color

Instant Response Keyboard - No Lag Time

Multi-Fold Bellows for Easy Pumping & Consistent Sustain

Air Leaks are Checked for Longer Sustain 

Full Wooden Top Cover without Knobs

Wooden Jaali on Keys

Made With Dried Indian Wood - Teak Wood


We apologize, but can not at this time ship harmoniums internationally.
Before shipment all of our harmoniums go through a thorough quality check as follows. Each harmonium is checked for finish and cosmetic flaws. The harmoniums are then tuned to ensure A440 tuning, also checking the smoothness and ease of playability. Last we check the harmonium for air leaks, ensuring the quality of the harmoniums pump.