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MM Kirtan Deluxe 3.5 Octave Harmonium

MM Kirtan Deluxe 3.5 Octave Harmonium

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$77.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

Slightly larger than our popular MM Kirtan Deluxe Hamonium, this instrument has range of 3 1/2 octaves (from low C to high F). It has a full, rich tone and good sustain.

It folds up into a box that is 23" wide, 13.5 " deep and 8" high. When opened is is 11.5 " high. It weighs 26 pounds. It has 5 stops, 4 drones, 7 fold bellows and an octave coupler. The top detaches. The drones are usually C,D,G and A. If you really are keen on particular drones please contact us to confirm.

Please note that because these harmoniums are made of pine wood, which is quite soft, some dings and blemishes are normal.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We can now ship this instrument to Europe and Asia for a very reasonable rate. Please email us for details.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering a pre-paid instrument (one that is currently out of stock), we can work with you to speed up the delivery process. Please email for details.