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Meinl Stereo Didgeridoo

Meinl Stereo Didgeridoo

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It is a really simple didgeridoo to play that is great for beginners. The deep bass note plays back into your ears, not to loud to be bothersome, but loud enough to sink into the note easily. It is simple to hear small variations in the sound based off of how you are vibrating into the didgeridoo. This didgeridoo is tons of fun.

What Meinl writes: With two specially positioned sound ports on the left and right sides, the player joins the listener with the MEINL Stereo Didgeridoo. Air travels through a zigzag design on the inside and out as sound from both ports back to the player, entering both ears equally for a unique stereo effect. Its innovative design and compact size allow this instrument to deliver authentic didgeridoo sounds. Ideal for practicing and self-meditation, as well as easy travelling to the gig or studio.