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Intermediate Sound Healing Gift Set

Intermediate Sound Healing Gift Set

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This is our intermediate sound healing gift set.


In total you will receive:

1 - 3 Bowl Set of Harmonic Singing Bowls with o-rings and strikers

1 - 18" Moose, Elk or Buffalo drum with beater

1 - Fur Medicine Rattle

1 - Set of C and G Beginner Body Tuner Tuning Forks


Here is a further breakdown about the selections:

The set includes a harmonic set of frosted crystal singing bowls:

4th octave C

4th octave G

and 5th octave C

This combination makes the fifth and octave harmonic pairing which are the two most harmonic pairings.

To learn all about harmonic pairings and why we think they are so valuable please see the how to buy a crystal singing bowl article here.

Also, you can check out the harmonic singing bowl product page  to listen to sound files of this three bowl set.


The set as well includes your choice of a 18" Moose, Elk or Buffalo drum with a beater. We believe 18" to be the best general size for a drum, and suggest looking at this product page for full information about our great Native American drums and how to choose the best one for you.

You can also check out this video on how to select a Native American drum.


The set as well include a Fur Medicine Rattle and as well C and G Tuning Forks.


All of these products are marked off 5% off retail value.