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Initiation and Elder's Oils

Initiation and Elder's Oils

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Initiation: A unique blend of Lotus, Rose, Amber, and Spikenard essential oils. We use these as an invocation, and invitation, to receive the blessings of the holy ones during our practices. These help bring us into alignment with those blessings during the initiatory practices in our meditations. This a blend of powerful and rich aromas used in many traditions of the world for their essential qualities that enhance wellness of body, mind, and spirit. .

Elder's Oil: A Traditional Blend of Herbs and Fragrances used by Native Elders, Given to us for Awakening and Reconnecting the Ancestral Pathways.

Essential Oil in a base of pure organic jojoba or walnut oil.

Roll on set. Each one is 1/3 oz. Enjoy each distinct fragrance.