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How to Play the Shakuhachi by Yoshinobu Taniguchi

How to Play the Shakuhachi by Yoshinobu Taniguc

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How to Play the Shakuhachi A Guide to the Japanese Bamboo Flute Yoshinobu Taniguchi Traditional songs,(songs written in Japanese notation,) accompanied on CD. This instructional guide provides clear and concise information covering all aspects of the shakuhachi. It is highly recommended for beginning students of the instrument. Some of the chapters include notes on care of the flute, proper ways to hold the shakuhachi and initial steps in making a sound. Detailed instruction is provided on learning how to read traditional Kinko Ryu notation. A fingering chart is accompanied by extensive notes as well as a complete analysis of meter, duration and modes of performance as they relate to shakuhachi music. Taniguchi provides sheet music for several practice pieces of Japanese and American folk songs and Koten honkyoku which are included on any accompanying compact disk. This edition is highlighted by its many excellent hand drawings and calligraphy which complement the text. 53 pages