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Hiren Roy Sitar Vilayat Khan style

Hiren Roy Sitar Vilayat Khan style

$175.00 (Shipping For Continental US)

This is a beautiful Gandhar/Pancham (Vilayat Khan style) sitar from Barun Ray. In keeping with the Gandhar/Pancham tradition, this instrument has very simple decoration with faux mother of pearl inlays and without an upper tumba (gourd). The finish is very dark brown with 12 taraf (sympathetic) pegs and seven spiral pegs. The bridges are a special synthetic, developed by Barun, that produce a very rich sound. A superb instrument for those playing in the Imdadkhani (or Etawa) style. Son of the legendary Hiren Roy, Barun Ray has certainly lived up to his father’s reputation and has furthered the development of his instruments.

Included for the price is a fiberglass case. An extra set a strings and 5 mizrabs are also included.

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